Side Projects

  • Kells

    Kells is a retro puzzle game inspired by games of the 90’s such as the original Lemmings, but with a gravity-defying mechanic at its core that provides a unique twist on the genre.

  • Foobit

    Foobit is a videogame for Android with a unique take on the classic snake game with many new features and addictive play mechanics.

  • OpenLoopz

    End-to-end project management and chat app rolled into one seamless solution, developed in Java/Spring5 and Backbone.js.

  • Kaiser

    Visual Project Management app designed for developers, developed with React, react-dnd and Redux It's my own take on the Kanban approach popularized by apps like Trello, extended to be a better fit for developers.

  • OpenLoops

    A modern re-write of the original OpenLoopz app, this time developed in JavaScript using Meteor and ReactJS.